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How To Cancel, Edit, or Change a Subscription

Need help managing your subscription? First, you'll want to click here to log into your account. You should then see the "Manage Subscriptions" button. From there, you can swap products, skip orders, cancel, and update information. Swapping a Product

Subscription Policy & Returns

Any changes to current subscriptions must be made within one (1) business day prior to the upcoming billing date shown on the "My Account" page. Any changes that are not made at least one business day prior to the upcoming billing date will not be ef

Create an Account or Reset Password

First, you'll want to Log in or create your Mando account. Even if you've ordered before or receive our emails, that doesn't necessarily mean you've finished setting up your account. If you'd like to be able to view your order history, be sure to use

Why was there a change in the cost of my subscription?

Our Subscription prices and promotions are subject to change during the duration of your subscription. We encourage you to check your email for notifications about upcoming orders and the current pricing at the time of your renewal.